Shortcut Your Guitar Mastery Process!

“I had been trying to learn from other guitar teachers and actually had years of random lessons that were "supposedly" ...”

Music Maker

5 stars for Claus' contageous enthusiasm! :)

“5 stars for content from Claus, plus 5 stars for customer service from Alexander! I have been taking Claus' courses fo...”

lee cloud-pitt

I was amazed at my progress right from the beginning.

“I purchased my 1st course from guitarmastery about 2 years ago and quickly abandoned the 3 other courses I was intermi...”

Dan Brelsford

Guitarmastery Kills It

“Over the years I have purchased many online guitar lessons and it is my opinion that the guitarmastery lessons are the...”

Doug Hubbard

Ive bought many guitar courses over the…

“Ive bought many guitar courses over the years and Guitar mastery has by far the best subject matter and teaching style...”

Greg Smith

Greatest guitar instruction on Youtube!

“I am a 65 year old wannabe blues guitar player who took up the guitar again after 40 years.

Not only is the cont...”

Harvey Boyarsky

I like Claus' approach to learning and…

“I like Claus' approach to learning and find his video's entertaining and inspirational. I wish I had taken his approac...”

Alec McAndrew

Claus is a fantastic teacher

“I’m currently taking Claus’s Mechanics of Music course and it’s fantastic. I’ve learned more about music theor...”

Neil Horn

Practice Makes Permanent

Claus & Alex have presented some really amazing courses. I have many of them, and pick up new things between them all; I ...”

Arpeggio Blues

This is by far one of the best guitar…

This is by far one of the best guitar learning websites on the internet. The instructors Claus and Alex genuinely care ab...”


You’re Simply the Best.

You’re Simply the Best.

I have played guitar since I was a teenanger (I’m 48 now) and have had different teache...”

Brian Hasenkam

Focus is the Key

I am a little late to the party at age 70, having started my quest less than a year ago. At that time, someone asked me w...”


Absolutely awesome course

Absolutely awesome course. I am one of those players who have been trying to do too many bits and pieces, and never progr...”

D Paulsen

Claus - My New Best Friend!!!

Claus is one of those rare people that is a great player AND a great teacher. His approach is unique and positively infec...”


Another outstanding course from Claus!

Another outstanding course from Claus! Very practical tips and exceptionally clear instruction. The best approach I have ...”

Dave H.

Thanks God I found guitar mastery!!

Thanks God I found guitar mastery!!

I was the typical guy trying to learn from live teachers which is a good way bu...”

Antonis N

The best guitar teaching information I…

The best guitar teaching information I have seen and excellent customer service along with it.


Loyal customer for 8 years

I bought my first course from Claus when he was still The Wizard of Shred. I've learnt more from Claus than anyone else o...”

Jonny Mac


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