I never consciously learned more than a couple of licks in my entire life and I am not writing that to brag. I was simply too lazy to go through the hassle of reading the tabs - instead I took a shortcut to playing like the blues rock champions I looked up to:
Instead of learning little bits and pieces of their solos I tried to figure out what enabled them to play like they did. Through analysis and reanalysis I succeeded in extracting their magic so I could use it in my own playing and you can do the same.
In this lesson I will show you the main piece of wisdom I got from blues player extraordinaire Stevie Ray Vaughan and show you how I practiced using it.
Tomorrow I will give you another great insight I got from studying Stevie's playing. Be sure to download the videos and the jam tracks by clicking the video above.
In my upcoming mega course "The Blues Rock Champion" I will show you all the amazing lessons I derived from the top blues rock players out there. It's a true treasure chest of cool ideas and methods that you can use to completely revolutionize your playing and soloing skills.