In my new mega course I am going to give you essential insights into Joe Bonamassa's amazing playing style - but for now, take a look at this cool pentatonic sequence I picked up from him.

It is sequences like this that will enable you to create tons of licks and lines on the spot.

Joe is alternate picking most of what he plays but I this video I will show you how you can make it a little easier on yourself by using a sweep picking string shift.

Give yourself at least 15 minutes to repeat the first two instances of the sequence so you won't forget how to play it - and remember to download the tabs:

Tomorrow I will give you another great insight I got from studying the champions of blues rock. Be sure to download the videos, tabs and jam tracks by following this link.

In my upcoming mega course "The Blues Rock Champion" I will show you all the amazing lessons I derived from the top blues rock players out there. It's a true treasure chest of cool ideas and methods that you can use to completely revolutionize your playing and soloing skills.