The Scale- And Arpeggio Shapes Of SIX

  • Three Notes Per String Shapes

  • Diminished Arpeggio Shapes

  • Diminished 3-1-3 Shapes

  • How To Learn Fret Board Shapes Lightning Fast

  • How To Use SIX After Only One Hour Of Practicing

The Sequences Of SIX

  • How To Practice Sequences For Fast Results

  • Fast Alternate Picking 3nps Sequences

  • Sweep Picking / Legato 3-1-3 Sequences

  • Two Notes Per String Diminished Sequences

  • Diminished 3-1-3 Speed Sequences

Jam Tracks And Manual

  • SIX Great Jam Tracks, Perfect For Practicing

  • 26 Page Manual With Tabs Explanations

Master the Phrygian Major Mode
And do it as you build your own original playing style. This program will give you four great tools that you can use when you are playing a solo in the Phrygian Major mode. And you can use all the sequences for other arpeggios, scales and modes as well.

This mode is used very frequently in Neo Classical metal and very often for soloing. It is an absolute must to master this mode and its tools if you are into this style of music.

Learn It Today & Use It Tomorrow
Even though this course contains "out-of-the-box-ideas" it is still easy to integrate everything into your own playing right away.

I will show you a way in which you can use the new fret board shapes almost instantly. I have learned to master an unbelievable amount of scale and arpeggio shapes in this way and you can too.

Fast Sequences & Crazy Runs
Since the basis for this course is the style of Neo Classical metal, the sequences and runs in this program are all very fast.

So buckle up. A terrifying cascade of notes is about to hit you.


Course Curriculum

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Available in days
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